Monday, May 17, 2004

Blue Cat Moon

My friend, Her Grace, makes jewelry under the monicker Blue Cat Moon. She has given many wonderful gifts of her pieces to the women I know, and she sells her work, too. You can find Gracie's creations on eBay, or at her website.

Recently, I received this message about her charity work for KTAO, a solar-powered radio station in New Mexico. She will give $5.00 to KTAO for each of these pieces she sells. Read on:

Dear Friend,

I'd like to think my work can make a difference in the world, however small:

KTAO Benefit Sales

If this catches on, I will be very happy. I'm waiting to hear from KTAO to see if they have a more specific target for the proceeds. I'm hoping they don't mind my just jumping in like this, but it's easier to get forgiveness than permission, and I don't see why they wouldn't be pleased.

It's possible they'll think I'm crazy, but then, that will just put them on the same page with everybody on this side of the Rockies. LOL I'd rather be a crazy idealist than a dull realist any day.

For those of you who have never listened to (or heard of!) KTAO, go to

You can listen to the station right over your computer. They have one of the best selections of musical programming of any radio station I have ever heard, and lots of cool community service and other programming too. Enjoy!

I think BCM's work is quite nice. It might look good on you!

Please consider supporting her KTAO fundraiser, or buying a piece for yourself.


See Blue Cat Moon's work at her website

See Blue Cat Moon's other eBay items

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