Thursday, April 01, 2004

"Fallujah is the graveyard of Americans"

It was difficult to watch the Associated Press footage of non-Iraqis killed and dragged through the streets of Fallujah on Wednesday; but, I watched it. The United States government says that those killed were civilian contractors. I find that hard to believe, especially since one of the attackers displayed dog tags removed from one of the victims.

I know a fair number of contractors, some of whom were in the military, and none of them wear dog tags as jewelry.

What were these civilian contractors doing? Selling freedom? Installing democracy? Raping the Iraqis of their natural resources?

On Thursday there was another attack, but the US government would not confirm it.

So I did a Google search on Fallujah, Iraq, and hundreds of hits were returned. Though our removal of Sadaam can be proclaimed a victory, this city is the center of our failures, and a representation of our future in Iraq.

Reading about Fallujah makes this immoral acquisition of oil sound and feel more and more like VietNam. We have forced ourselves on this people, pretending they needed our help to keep the world safe, and now we expect them to fall into line as we remove their natural resources from them while distributing press releases that proclaims they are now a free people! They may be free, but they won't own any oil when we're done with them!

For me, Fallujah is the beginning of our entrenchment in a nation that does not want us. As our intention to steal their natural resources becomes clearer to all Iraqis we will be all alone in the middle of a country that doesn't want us.

This is a bad situation getting worse.

I found the Wednesday footage at this link

I found the Thursday article here