Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Dear David Bowie,

When listening to my iTunes library I consider which songs should be added to a new playlist for my daughter as she grows-up. A moment ago, "Helden" came on and it made me smile. This is definitely a song I will add to her playlist!

What a great song. I remember when the "Heroes" LP was released: I was living in Minneapolis and I was the first person in my circle to buy it. The hip record store sold me the German RCA single with the picture sleeve of you looking all pout-y and blond and Germanic in a leather jacket. Was the song originally written in German, or was it written in English then translated? It sounds so German.

Tony Visconti did an excellent job producing it. I read that he placed microphones in a line several feet apart from each other and that's how the big, almost echo-y, sound was created. Is that true? (It's better than Phil Spector's 'wall of sound' productions!)

Brian Eno and Robert Fripp were great additions to your band. You always have such great bands. How do you form them? I never liked Reeves in your bands. He was great in Tin Machine, but I'm glad he's gone from your current line-ups.

I was always a huge Carlos Alomar fan, and I wish he was in your last few bands. Why isn't Carlos in your band anymore?

The mid-seventies was a great time that to be a Bowie fan: all the LPs in a row and the Iggy records and the tours and the television shows: Dinah Shore, Saturday Night Live, Bing Crosby, etc. I was very lucky to have been your fan then. Did you enjoy recording "Heroes" as much as I like listening to it?

Man, I love "Heroes" and "Helden" and so many of the other songs on that LP. Both will deffo go on my daughter's playlist. Thanks for them.

Dick Mac

P.S.: Why are you endorsing Nestle?