Monday, April 05, 2004

Another Boring NeoCon Conversation

I suffered through an hour long conversation with a so-called new conservative on Saturday. This man called himself compassionate, which means (I guess) that he doesn't actually kill other people with his own hands but thinks killing is the solution for his unassuaged anger and frustration.

He had all these clever O'Reilley Youth catch-phrases for liberals and Arabs, and was quick to condemn Islamic fundamentalism, but sees no problem whatsoever with Christian fundamentalism.

Like all people who vote republican, he doesn't see that the fundamentalists who have taken over his party and his country are destroying his nation by waving the flag of patriotism while defunding programs to fix roads, build schools, feed the hungry and clothe the naked, and giving that money to the rich (who don't really need it).

Sadly, this man is an educator. This man is employed to teach our children and his argument FOR George Bush was rooted in a caffeine-induced diatribe demanding that I tell him what John Kerry is going to do about Iraq if he is elected. "On June 2, 2005, what is John Kerry going to do about Iraq?" He demanded from me.

This is a man with bizarre priorities! Iraq? Who cares what the next president will do about Iraq! Let's hope and pray that the next president abandons Iraq and brings our children home and out of harm's way.

There are much more important questions about the next presidential administration:

What is the next president going to do about the deregulated communications industry that has given our airwaves to ClearChannel?

What is the next president going to do about bank deregulation that has created a culture of debt so vulgar it should make Donald Trump blush?

What is the next president going to do about the deregulated energy business that has raised the costs of electricity to embarrassing prices and whose officials continue to walk away with millions while the rest of us are left trying to budget for heat?

Who cares what the next president is going to do about Iraq! What is the next president going to do about the United States?!?!?!?