Monday, February 23, 2004

Ralph Nader Is An Ass

I have yet to forgive Ralph Nader and Michael Moore for electing George Bush president in 2000. Both of them are rich white guys who had nothing to lose in that effort. In fact, with Bush as president, they are likely both wealthier today than they were when Clinton left office because of the benefits Bush provides to men in their economic bracket.

I believe that Nader's votes in New Hampshire and Florida, with the support of Moore's millions, are the reason that Al Gore did not win the election. Had Nader's votes in either of those states gone to Gore, Bush would have had a harder time stealing the office.

I understand why he ran last time, and I was caught-up in the excitement for a short time, even writing an article about the excitement of his candidacy. During the campaign, I saw the folly of his candidacy and voted how I have always voted: Democrat.

Now Nader is telling the rich man's lie again: There is too little difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. This is only true for privileged people. If you have to actually work for a living, or God-forbid you should fall on hard times and need a helping hand, there is a huge difference between the Democrats and the Republicans.

The Democrats are very interested in ensuring that all Americans, rich and poor, get a fair shake. The Republicans don't care if there is a safety net for hard-working, honest Americans; they are only interested in ensuring that your tax dollars are funneled to the rich.

The rich don't need a helping hand, but if Ralph Nader gets his way, the Republicans will bring us another four years of christian fundamentalists whose only goal is to eliminate public service, deregulate all industries, and close the doors of justice to those with whom they disagree. Thanks, Ralph!

Ralph Nader was a hero of my generation. He changed the relationship of consumer to manufacturer, without destroying the economy. He changed the way consumers thought about products and the way manufacturers thought about consumers. He is one of the most important figures of the last century!

Ralph Nader is destroying his own legacy. Ralph Nader is the man who is ensuring that fundamentalists are kept in power another four years. I now forget all the good he did over the past forty years, while I watch him help elect men who are undoing all his work! Nobody will ever remember that he forced the hand of the automobile industry and we are safer for it. He will be remembered as the man who ensured that christian fundamentalism is crammed down the throats of our children for decades to come.

You're an ass, Ralph Nader. I hope you live a long, long, long life with your white man's privilege and all your millions, watching these men dismantle your legacy and erase you from history. You are an embarrassment to America and yourself.

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