Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Bush In 30 Seconds

I never imagined that there could be a worse time for America than the twelve years of Reagan and Bush I. Who could have imagined that after 8 years of prosperity brought to us by Bill Clinton, Bush II could make such a hellish mess of things so quickly? Never, in the history of the United States has there been a more important time to band together to remove a president. is a wonderful grass-roots organization that works diligently to help us sort the fundamentalist crap from the real matters at hand. In their ongoing crusade to save what is left of America, they sponsored a contest to find the best 30 second advertisement against Bush II. Bush In 30 Seconds is a wonderful site.

Of course, the dullards running the republican party, who are nothing more than the apologists and henchmen of the worst christian fundamentalist movement since the Spanish Inquisition, are using their position as poster children for corporate avarice by trying to smear the contest and campaign. Like everything else they do, they are failing.

The fourteen finalists in the contest are brilliant videos from the minds of thinking people. You can see them on the Finalists' Page.

The overall winner "Child's Play," by Charlie Fisher of Denver, Colorado, is a poignant film of children doing dangerous adult jobs with the caption, "Guess who's going to pay off President Bush's $1 trillion deficit?"

My favorite is "Desktop," by David Haynes of Dallas, Texas. The animation is of a computer desktop wallpapered with the presidential seal. A cursor drags important folders like Environment, Social Security, Civil Liberties, Budget Surplus, Veterans Benefits, and Separation of Church & State to the Trash. The cursor then empties the trash and a prompt asks if we want to permanently delete the items, to which the cursor responds "OK" and the closing caption asks "what's next?"! Brilliant!

There are many others to view, and I encourage you to visit the site, then visit MoveOn and join.

The 2004 presidential election might be the most important election in the history of Western Civilization, modern capitalism, and American freedom. Get involved. Get active. Stand up and speak out. Do not let fundamentalists continue to run your nation into the ground.