Thursday, December 18, 2003

Iraqi Playing Cards

Street vendors along Sixth Avenue are still selling those decks of playing cards with the former Iraqi leaders on them, and it got me thinking.

That deck of cards was one of the most brilliant marketing moves since the advent of neo-Nazism . . . er, neo-conservatism in America, and thinking people (i.e., liberals) should take a cue.

Someone should publish a deck of playing cards depicting all the evil American fundamentalists! Bush on ace of spades, Fallwell on ace of hearts, Dennis Miller on two of clubs, old-timers like Anita Bryant and Phyllis Schlafley (for historical reference) along with Sandra Day O'Connor and Condaleeza Rice on the queens.

This could be great fun! I think I'll start a list myself and publish it in a few weeks!

There is nothing more dangerous to humanity than fundamentalism! Nuclear war just kills you, fundamentalism provides a long, tortuous life for everyone but the torturers!

Know your enemy!