Tuesday, August 01, 2017

If I Ever Was With A Woman And She Ended Up Being Like Lil Duval, I'd . . .

by Dick Mac

I'd feel really sorry for her, because Lil Duval is a sad little person.

Women are never little pussies like Lil Duvall.  I mean, this guy is a total pussy.  He is so insecure he has to prop up his sad little ego by pretending he would even know how to kill someone.

Used without permission
The sad little Duval was on some tacky broadcast show ("Breakfast Club") when asked what he would do if he was attracted to a person, was having sex with them, and then learned it was a transperson.  You know what this little pussy said?

“This might sound messed up, but I don’t care, she dying.”

He would actually kill this person.

Well, that's what he says.  He doesn't seem like anyone capable of murder, because most little pussies are so afraid of everything they can't ever really enjoy themselves, never mind do something as extreme as commit a murder.

Such a sad little man.

If he is attracted to someone enough to have sex with them, and he is enjoying himself, he would have to kill that person if he learned they were a transperson.

What a sad little man.

He can't even let himself enjoy something he's already enjoying.  Pathetic little creature.  So sad.

Lil Duval is everything that is wrong with the fragile male psyche:  "I like this, this feels good, I dig this person, I am having a great time!  Oh no, what will somebody think if they find out?  I have to kill this person."

Lil Duval, you are a sorry little piece of shit who should grow a backbone.  If you like something, and nobody is being hurt, then why does your shitty little ego get all bent out of shape because of what some other little shitty bigot might think of you?

You little bitch.

Washington Post: ‘I don’t care, she dying’: Comedian Lil Duval says he would kill a sexual partner if he learned she was a transgender woman

PS:  When people became outraged, he asked why we were all "fake caring"?