Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Maybe Not A DINO, But Certainly A LINO

by Dick Mac

Let me start by saying that, in 2016, I will likely vote for the Democratic nominee for President, no matter who that is. Although I vote Green all the way up the electoral food chain until President, this would not be out of the ordinary for me. The Green Party has just not ever run a presidential candidate I can vote for.

Recently, a friend posted this article about Hillary Clinton's declaration that she is a candidate for President:  Ready for Hillary Derangement Syndrome?

Articles about Hillary Clinton and ensuing discussions of her being a "liberal" candidate raise the hair on the back of my neck.

I have stated in the past, including yesterday, that Hillary Clinton is a DINO (Democrat in name only), and I am wrong. She is a full-fledged Democrat. This, of course, is part of the problem. The truth is that Hillary is a Liberal in name only, a LINO.

I find it difficult, impossible really, to believe that a candidate who supports, and works wholeheartedly, to implement economic policy based on supply-side economic theory, is a liberal. No matter what they think of penises, vaginas, reproduction, religion or any other now-popular social issue. Add to that an unwavering commitment to international trade policies like NAFTA and CAFTA, and chit-chat about weddings and abortions are hardly qualities that make someone a liberal.
Having the mainstream media define the notions of liberalism based on Congresses so far to the right that Barry Goldwater and Richard Nixon would be unelectable, only highlights the notion that this candidate may not be a DINO, but is certainly a LINO!
Being to the left of Rafael Cruz and Rand Paul is not liberal, it is being less right-wing that two lunatics.

I prefer to vote for liberals and progressives, which is why I so rarely vote for Democrats and never give them any money. 

We need Green more candidates and stronger Green parties. 

As long as real liberals settle for Democrats, we will be voting for "liberals" like Clinton for centuries to come. Yippee! I can marry my boyfriend, but I can't ever find a career because the "liberals" have jumped on a bandwagon with the right-wing and implemented economic policy that flies in the face of social liberalism. One can't be a fiscal conservative and a social liberal, because electing fiscal conservatives means the implementation of social policy that is anti-liberal. So, Hillary Clinton may be more liberal than Marco Rubio, but she is not a liberal.

Consider investigating the liberal and progressive parties in your area that are affiliated with, or part of, the Green Party: Green Party Ballot Access. And if you don't want to have anything to do with Greens, please investigate other options in your area.

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